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We are excited to announce that the Support Portal for Microchip Frequency and Time Systems (FTS) is now available on This is a very exciting change as the new Microchip support portal provides a platform that will help to raise our level of service delivery for technical support, software, technical documentation, licenses, RMAs and more.  There are three possible scenarios in which to arrive and gain access to this portal:
1. You had a portal account from our legacy (Microsemi) portal and you were migrated to the Microchip portal. Please click here to better understand if this includes you along with detailed instructions to finalize your registration.
2. You are an existing Microchip portal user but has never applied for Frequency and Time Systems access before. Please click here to follow these instructions to apply for access.
3. If you are a new customer or the prior instructions do not work, please use the following instructions to register as a new customer

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